Guess what? I rode a worsey!

"Mama, mama, guess what? I rode a worsey!"V repeated this phrase to me maybe fifty times over the course of a week. And each time she did, I would look down into her big grayish brown eyes and sweet baby face (that still resembles Tim in every way), and I would see the same amount of excitement as I saw the day we actually rode the horse. Tim and I wondered if she'd even mount the beast, but she did without even batting an eyelash. It surprised us both.

You see...V loves animals but is terrified if they get too close to her. She normally clings to our leg or begs to be held so I do believe we witnessed some definite growth in her over the past week. All three kids loved the horseback ride. They were able to ride the horses around a path in the mountains. The view, the air and the peaceful silence were breathtaking.

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