seeing green

Elle is a carnivore. Have I mentioned that? She will eat meat for days but don't even try and tempt her with fruits or veggies. She may be kind enough to stick whatever fruit or veggie in her mouth, but she won't keep it in her mouth. She spits them out and usually drops them immediately on the floor for Blue. She and Blue are the best of pals when it comes to meal times. (Actually, they are always best friends, especially at meal time.)

So in an effort to pump that body of hers full of something other than protein, I have started making smoothies. Mya doesn't love them. The girl won't even drink an entire Jamba Juice. She just isn't a big smoothie fan, but the other girls like them. . V will eat just about anything so smoothies are just a treat for her. She doesn't realize she's drinking a cup of spinach. Haha. Elle likes them in small doses, and I am just happy she's getting more green in her diet. 

We are all seeing lots of green these days. Obviously, I find green in diapers (let's not go there), but I also find green in noses, ears, armpits, belly buttons, and I even found it behind V's left knee, although I'm still not sure how that happened. These drinks can be incredible messy, but I figure it's worth it.

I stole our favorite recipe from my good friend Cal (thanks Cal :)): 
1 1/2 c. orange juice
4 c. baby spinach
1 ripe banana
2 c. light colored fruit (I've been using the melons and pineapple out of my frozen fruit bag)

And Nickell...I saw your question about a green smoothie without banana and I thought I'd see if any of my readers know of a good green smoothie that doesn't include a banana. If so, leave a comment because my friend does not like bananas. 


  1. i've never tried it, but i've heard avacado does the same thing consistency wise as bananas.


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