I love this curious, confused face.

Mya is becoming evermore curious with each day. "Mommy, what's this? What's that? Mommy...mommy....mommy?" I think she is so funny. Yesterday we were driving home and it was getting dark and Mya said, "It's dark. All the lights are broken." To which I replied, "Mya, did all the lights break?" "Yeah. It's dark." Very smart. I can't remember if I wrote about what Mya said when she finally experienced rain like little kids are supposed to. We were running around in it one day and Mya looked up to the sky and said, "Potter spitting." Potter is Heavenly Father or God. I couldn't believe it when she said it. She is so inventive and yet so thoughtful.

Let me give you an example of Mya's prayers at night: "Potter, tank you day, mommy, daddy, new baby, sophie, even , keriton , brady, aubey, mowey, cowie, mino, toys, chicken nuggets, fun, side, grama, papa, nana, monkey, bear. Bless mommy, daddy, new baby, bear, robbie, sleep, nite nite, famy. Name of Jesus, amen." She names everyone in her daycare every night. She always blesses her bear and whatever stuffed animal she sees in her bed. She always says thank you for today and for outside. So funny.


  1. Mya cracks me up. Loved the Potter spitting thing. I would like to find some boots for Norah, too. She loved Mya's and she keeps trying to put on her boots from last year.

  2. So nice seeing you guys! We really should get the girls together sometime. :)Anyway, here's my blog:



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