no pictures please

Sick again. Honestly...? I think this is the 5th time I have been sick (legitimately sick) in 5 months. My nose runs like the Trevi Fountain in Italy. Too bad no one is throwing money at my face. Maybe I would make a few dollars. The softest tissues are too painful for my nose to bear. My scab from the last cold just cleared up a week ago. Now I get to wait for a new blemish to take over my nose. Awesome. My lips are swollen as if recently stung by a bee. They are hot too which makes the continuous cracking oh so enjoyable. I taste blood in my mouth all day long. Too much information? Sorry. My eyes water with every sneeze, cough, sigh, you name it. They feel so heavy that it takes a lot of energy to open them. My body is tired when I want it to be awake. I wanted so bad to go to Zumba yesterday but couldn't find the will power to make my body move that way. So I let it lie down. Didn't help. Should've gone to Zumba. At least I would've felt human again. My ears itch. No amount of moving my tongue around in my mouth will relieve the itching.

You can see that I have lots of time to study how I feel. Sitting at a desk job all day gives me the time to think about how terrible I really feel and how I swear I am going to kill my doctor if she doesn't offer me antibiotics. I am sick of being sick. I thought about taking a picture of myself but then realized how pathetic the idea was and how lame I looked. Poor Janine. Poor, poor Janine. You can feel bad for me now. Okay stop. I don't really like people feeling bad for me. In fact, I don't like making people worry. I know writing this blog will make my parents worry. They already worry about me all day and to throw this in the mix will just rock their worlds. Sorry mom and dad. I am taking some medication and drinking lots of hot lemonade. I promise.

Snow fell today and while a certain part of my heart jumped at the idea of seeing beautiful white snow falling...the other part of me cursed knowing my cold wont be leaving me any time soon. I do not like being sick.


  1. I'm sorry you are sick, that totally stinks!! I was thinking about you last night, and almost texted you but I got home too late but I did Zumba for the first time. It was so much fun and the entire time I was thinking "How does Janine do this?" I looked like a fool but after the first few minutes I remember what you said that it doesn't matter so I just went with it and it was hilarious and ridiculous and I loved it!! I hope you get better soon so you can return to dancing, lol, because its definitely some good "me time"!


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