too dark

I put Mya down for a nap today...a task I rarely do because I am rarely home during nap time, and if I am home, Tim usually puts her down out of habit. However, today I was able to do it because Tim wasn't home yet. When we walked upstairs and into her bedroom, Mya stopped, grabbed my hand tightly and said, " too dark. Need light." We quickly turned on the light, read a few books, applied too much lip gloss, and kissed goodnight before I turned the light off again to leave the room.

It's been 45 minutes since I put her down, and I can't stop thinking about what she said. "It too dark. Need light." Although we solved the problem in less than 5 seconds, I can't help but question how many people wander or sit in figurative darkness without knowing how to find light. Darkness from regret. Darkness from sorrow. Darkness from fear. Darkness from anger. Darkness from illness. Too many...I would guess. And perhaps as they live in darkness, they try to find a way out. A way up. A way to the light. But it seems impossible to locate. Or to reach. And so they remain where they are. Stuck.

If I had to guess, I would guess that on the whole...more people dislike the dark than the light. I hate being in the dark. I feel alone. A little scared. Maybe a lot scared. I won't admit to anything. I know that I usually run upstairs quickly if all the lights are off just to be next to Tim. I would much rather be in the light.

All of this figurative talk has a point. I promise. During this Christmas season, I wish people would find the true source of light. It comes as it always has from the Creator of light. Jesus Christ. He is waiting and available as he has always been to help us find the light within us. He offers peace in a way that in all my 27 years I have not found anywhere else. I believe that he can help us wipe away regret, anger, fear, loneliness, pain if we but take his invitation to "Come unto me." I hope that however you worship or believe in Him...that you will take a few minutes during the next week to remember Him. To help someone else out of their figurative darkness. To believe a little more. I know that is what I have been doing this wonderful December month: believing in light.


  1. I'll take that challenge and see what I can do to bring some light to someone else!

  2. Janine, this is beautiful, thank you for sharing your thoughts. You made my day! Love you lots and miss you.


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