FEMALE: A human being charged with too many hormones

Not to criticize my own sex, but I truly believe women might be the most difficult creatures God ever created. Yes, we are beautiful in our own right. We have a way of caring for and loving people that surpasses that of any man I know. Sorry men. We are obviously blessed (well, some feel blessed) to bear children. And we have many more wonderful and innate talents and abilities than I can mention here. However, we are delicate and interesting creatures. After much observation and personal experience, I can truly say that women are way more demanding than men. Do this. Do that. Make more money. Be home earlier. Put the kids to bed. Rub my back. Rub my neck. Start dinner. The list goes on. We are also moodier. I can't even think of a time when Tim has been moody. I, on the other hand, can swing between happy, sad and angry within seconds. I can turn on the cold shoulder or the silent treatment if someone looks at me wrong. The mood swings are probably the cause of too many hormones circulating in our bodies, but there must be some way to calm them that doesn't involve a therapist or heavy drugs. Haven't figured that one out yet. Women can also be so mean. I don't really know very many mean men (well, except the ones you see wanted on the news at night, but I don't really know them.) Women can be so manipulative in this passive way. They pretend everything is "fine" but inside they are like the 4th of July. Watch out. Men don't really harbor anger very long. Tim just works it off on the basketball court while I just let it boil inside me. Tim has always been good at telling me when things should or need to change right away while I stew over things for a week or a month. And then the fireworks cannot be contained.

So why knock women? I don't really mean to knock them. We (women) all know we can identify with something I have said. But really, I am writing this because I feel so bad for Tim. He lives with two very hormonal woman. And one of those women is driving us both crazy. And she is TWO. She has been an emotional wreck lately. Since we are her parents, we have the honor and privilege to witness her terrible outbreaks or tantrums. And we usually get multiple a day. Today, she flipped out for no apparent reason. We were all getting ready to go to the store and poof, out came the devil inside her. She didn't want to go. But didn't want to stay. Didn't want daddy. Didn't want mommy. Didn't want anything. Ugh. She screamed for nearly an hour. Each little tantrum lasts at least a half an hour. Tim says she experiences something called blackout rage. She freaks out and is uncontrollable for awhile and then, she stops. We never understand what calms her down. And when she calms down, she has this amazing ability to forget she was just going crazy. I guess I have that ability too when I go a little crazy.

Oh women. I hope we will be good to the men in our lives. They have to put up with so much. And I am not saying men are perfect in any way, but they are in our lives for a reason. And visa versa. I just feel bad that we are so nuts.


  1. We are crazy. Crazy! But we're wonderful as well. I feel super bad for Bryan because I know that I am a psychopath nine times out of ten. But, I'm also quite amazing too. So, he has to deal with Ashley the hulk {as I call it} to get sweet Mrs. Yazzie.

    Poor baby Mya. That's a tough time of life. I blame the rage on all that growing she's doing!

    Love you,


  2. Speak for yourself! I am a pillar of calm peacefulness at all times. LOL.

    We feel your pain. Aube is in the same stage. Gotta love the terrible...nearly 3's.

    Heaven help us both!


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