it's about time.

It's about time that we took a new family picture. The only one we have of the four of us is from the hospital and while I love it because it was our first day with Genevieve, you can barely see her in the picture. I have been patiently waiting for a nice day to take a picture of our little family. Thankfully, Anna was willing to come over and take the picture. You can see that the background isn't great, and Mya had an attitude in most of the pictures, but Anna did get one really good one. So this is our most recent family picture:

These other pictures were taken in the attempt of capturing a really great moment. Mya scowled for 90% of the pictures and looked away for another 9% of them. Luckily, she looked up and smiled for one picture. I love these pictures because they show us in our truest form--Mya looking a little goofy, Tim facilitating Mya's affection towards Genevieve and Mya's scowl in the final picture.

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  1. great family pics - that lil nugget will never cease to amaze me with her scowl.


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