I'm anxious...and not in a good way. Every time I drive down University Avenue, I feel my chest start to tighten. Every time I pick the kids up from Molly's, I feel myself ache inside knowing Mya will suddenly not have any friends. Every time I pack a box, I think of all the memories held within the box. Every time I pull in my driveway, I frown a little knowing I will be leaving my favorite place I have ever lived in. I love my house. I love my friends. I love the memories Tim and I have created in Provo, and although I knew we would always leave, I never actually thought this day would come. It has come way too fast. I swear I wake up, blink, and go back to sleep everyday. Everything is moving so fast. We move next week.

I am excited to create new memories, but I am allowing myself to feel sad at the moment. I never thought I would be sad, but I am. I have made great friends here. They are people who have shaped me, Janine, as an adult. I will miss my friends most of all.


  1. Hey Janine you will always have your friends, but you will need to be more creative in keeping them as part of your life. Keep smiling your best friend Tim is right by your side. Have a good evening.

  2. I'm sorry you are so anxious... I can totally see why. And I'm sorry I didn't call you... I got to thinking who I should call and the list grew so big I got overwhelmed so I was a major cop out... even with my siblings... my parents just told them. But I want to call you before your move. And I want to drive down and see you when you move. Hang in there!


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