the blue dress

The blue dress. Cute when we bought it. Not cute when she has worn it for three weeks straight. I bought it hoping she would enjoy a new summer dress. Well, she has done just that day in and day out. I have a friend who has a daughter who wore bathing suits for months at a time. I totally empathize with that friend now. Tim and I have to wrestle it off her for bed each night. Sometimes we bribe her. Yep, that's right. Great parents. But hey, we have to wash it sometime. There have been two days that we were able to convince her to wear something other than the blue dress, but even when she wasn't wearing it, she was reminding us that as soon as we arrived home, she would wear it again. And she did. Ugh. She looks so darling in other clothes. I am depressed that I bought all these cute summer shorts and shirts and she refuses to wear them.

I am considering ripping the dress or spilling something dark on it so she will be discouraged and decide not to wear it. But I fear that if I do that and she doesn't care, than we will have an unkempt looking child. I don't know what to do. Any ideas? Oh well, at least we got a few great pictures of the little stinker running around in her dress.

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