Descent into madness

First, I posted two other posts about the girls so scroll down if you are interested in seeing them. Sorry I haven't blogged much this week. I have been busy trying to arrange compatible nap times only to find that no matter what I do, someone always wakes up right when I am about to do something for myself. I also have not had any interest in blogging at night because I have been waking up super early to run before Tim heads to work at 7am. By 8pm I am pooped and have no interest in thinking or writing for that matter. You got lucky tonight. I am forcing myself to write because I received a few questioning calls asking me about my first week as a stay-at-home mom.

Well, I can say that I survived my first week. The first day was awful. I almost began job searching right then and there because I didn't think I could do this difficult task. However, the rest of the week was so much better. I will admit that even though I am exhausted by 8pm, my morning runs have really helped me have energy during the day. Without them, I feel groggy and lazy and don't wish to get out of bed. My kids are a handful. I have no idea how Molly watched so many kids at once. The only thing I figure is that the kids were similar in age that they played well together. I am Mya's sole entertainment. My good friend told me to keep a journal about my "descent into madness." I laughed because a. I had already started a journal prior to his suggestion and b. motherhood really equals madness. If I have specific activities planned, the day goes well. The hours when I don't have much to do usually tank within minutes and I usually end up playing Mickey Mouse clubhouse because quite frankly, Mya learns a ton from that silly show. Today we talked about less than and greater than because she had questions after the show. What? I that is always in my back pocket when I have nothing to do for a few minutes or when V is fussy or crying. Mya keeps me busy. There is nothing else to say. My mind is constantly reeling trying to find fun things to do. We built a fort yesterday and looked at stars (or the light from the flashlight that she thought was a star). We also made creepy critters with food coloring and modern art with some masking tape and some random things from around the house.

Today, I studied clouds. I am teaching her about the weather in two weeks so I thought I would study. I used to love learning about all these things in elementary school. I guess you could say that I was the best student when I was in elementary school. It went downhill from then on. By college, I had to make a goal to attend 65% of my classes. Eeeehh. But I really loved learning when I was little so I am really trying to remember all the little things my teachers taught me. Next week we are learning about water and things associated with water. My brother is coming in town at the end of the week and as a reward for being a "good student," I am going to take my brother and the girls to the pool. She is going to love it.

So there you have it. I survived. I will admit that I am lonely a lot during the day. I wait all morning for Tim to call on his lunch break. I am used to being around people and laughing all day long. Although my kids make me laugh, I miss adult humor. I miss sarcasm. Kids don't get sarcasm. I suppose I will get used to all of these feelings I am currently experiencing, but for the time being, the feelings are very real and very strange.

On a different note, someone asked me to post pictures of Peoria. So I did the best I could to take some pictures last weekend. There was a carnival in town so we went to the Riverfront and walked around for awhile. Mya is terrified of rides that move so we avoided those and played in the water. Don't you just love the fact that she ditched her shorts and ran around in the water in just her panties. So cute. Love that bum. (See below)


  1. That is great that you are teaching her. & making lesson plans can be fun/get you excited for doing things with her. I need to get better at doing planned activities.

  2. This was so refreshing for me to read. This past week was my first week as a stay at home mom too. Ive always worked my entire life. I told my husband that I think that I need to look for a job because Im so bored! Anyways, I do plan on doing some little preschool activities so that will hopefully help. There are a lot of cute blogs out there for that sort of thing. Anyways, its just nice to know that someone else is having the same thoughts that I am having.

  3. wow!!! your photos are so good girl!! and it doesn't hurt to have cute kids in all of them too! -megs


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