love with babies in the baby carriage

Do you ever wonder how a marriage survives parenthood? Sometimes I do. I watch and observe people all the time and am constantly left thinking about how marriage survives 18+ years of kids. Let me tell you how we have survived nearly three years of it already: Several intentional body grazes (or grabs in Tim's case) each day. A longing look at each other when the kids aren't paying attention. A quick dance while cleaning up the kids' messes at night. An occasional nap-time rendezvous when we are absolutely positive no kids will interrupt. A great sense of humor. A tight hug before bed each night. A nightly prayer with hands intertwined. A much-needed walk to discuss the hard issues and find solutions. A determined time to get over unimportant things. At least one "I'm sorry" a day. A five-minute morning cuddle session before starting the day. An understanding mind. A forgiving heart. A frequent night away from the kids. A thoughtful note on the nightstand or in the lunch bag. A silent wish that the other person is always happy.

Tim and I celebrated our fourth anniversary a little early this year. Two months too early, but who's counting. Tim starts work on Monday and we didn't know when we would be able to get away once work started, so we decided to head to Michigan for a few days. We spent a couple relaxing days with Tim's parents and then one night all alone. We were glued together like two newly engaged lovebirds. We dined well. Talked much. And loved unconditionally. We now feel rejuvenated for the next little while.

On the bridge outside our hotel

Pictures of our hotel and the view from our 14th floor window

Pictures of downtown Grand Rapids and the two food places we visited (I ate the best french toast and creme brulee at the two places.)

On a small personal note to Tim seeing as tomorrow his father's day: I love you. You amaze me everyday. I wish I was half the parent you are. I know our girls love you. Maybe as much as I do. Actually, I doubt it. I needed these past three weeks with you more than I ever knew before. Love you babe. Hope you enjoy my attempt at the french toast we ate in Grand Rapids.

A note to all my other dads and grandpas: Happy Father's Day. I hope you realize how much you mean to our family. We love you.


  1. I might have teared up....just a bit. eeeek! Maybe because 1. I'm obsessed with Mya and I want a little girl just like her...2.You are the sweetest mom and I love the way you write about your family... and 3. I miss seeing you everyday. Hope all is well! Keep blogging!

  2. Loved you post :) Here is the playgroup blog address

    and also we have a yahoo group called SOSpeoria (sisters out socializing) where we can ask the group questions or events that aren't really "church related". I think that Lindsey Williams is in charge of adding email addresses to it. Her email is


  3. Wish we could be out there exploring with you guys...

  4. thanks for the reminders of ways to show we love each other during the day!


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