saying goodbye to Provo

Leaving Provo was harder than I expected. I silently cried every night the week before we left. Why? Too many reasons to list. But I think the one that stood out to me most was the fact that I had finally come to a place in my life where I was comfortable being me with the people I spent the most time with. I made incredible friends in Provo. Friends who challenged me to the very core. Friends who constantly inspired me. And friends who loved me no matter what. The idea of leaving them left me feeling empty and sad. I know I will make friends anywhere I go...that's not the problem...I just hated the idea of leaving the ones that I took so much time to make.

I was also sad for Mya. I was sad that she would no longer go to Molly's house everyday. Molly was a complete lifesaver. I know some people frown on daycare, but daycare saved me during my first two years of motherhood. Molly loved Mya like her own. She taught Mya more than I ever expected. Aside from Molly, I was sad that Mya would be leaving the friends she loved. I cried as I watched her unknowingly say goodbye to Molly and her friends. It is heartbreaking to know that someday she may see Molly or her friends and never know that they played such a big part of her life as a little girl. Such a part that she would and still prays for them every night. Sad.

The last week passed in a blur. I said goodbye to most everybody. I missed a few people who I plan to see when I come back in July. They just don't know it yet. Ellie helped me pack everyday. I had so many people offer to watch the girls or help clean a room that the hard stuff really wasn't too hard to do. We bought several pizzas to lure the men of the neighborhood over to help load our 26 ft. Uhaul (which we filled completely). I just want to say thanks again to everybody. Especially Ellie. I don't even think she reads our blog, but she was amazing. She forced me to work hard and everything got done. I need her every time I move.

Our Provo home

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  1. Sad we weren't there to say goodbye and help you pack up. Miss you guys.


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