My girls have stolen every bit of my heart that Tim hasn't. They may drive me crazy from time to time, but I always love them by the end of the day. I had a rough afternoon with them this afternoon while Tim was trying to get his Illinois license. V screamed/cried for a really long time and nothing I did could or would console her. Mya decided she didn't want to nap at her usual time and began screaming at V when she wouldn't stop crying. She would yell, "STOP CRYING. It's gonna be okay." Repeated over and over until my ears couldn't take the sound of her voice anymore. I had to put V down in her room and avoid Mya for a few minutes just to find my own quiet place to regain balance. When I felt better, I walked back into V's room and found her eye all gooped up because of her tears and Mya peering into her crib. Mya was being sweet and gentle. And she is rarely sweet and gentle with V. I think she forgets how much bigger she is than V, so most times when they are together, V is wincing and crying because Mya has either a. hugged her too hard, b. kissed her too long or c. patted her back with too much force. It is a work in progress. Since she was being sweet, I decided to bring both girls into the living room and I caught a few good pictures of the two of them. Like I said, they will steal your heart if you let them.

The weather yesterday did not seem great, so we decided to forgo the big swimming pool which had a high admissions fee and buy our own backyard pool that Mya can enjoy whenever she wants. She would not sit down insisting that her suit would get "all wet" and would need "to be put in the dryer" but she splashed around for a good while. Don't you just love this year's suit?

Poor Tim had to blow the pool up by himself. I helped as much as I could. Things we do for our children.


  1. We had a blow up pool for about a month...I finally got so sick of always having to top it off with air every time I used it. I just went and bought a cheap plastic one the requires no air. Of course it was a hand me down blow up pool that is many years old...hopefully yours holds air in better than mine did.

  2. The top photograph is absolutely beautiful. I hope you are enjoying yourselves out there.

    -- Eric

  3. I love mya's comment about getting wet in the pool. I could totally see chris saying the same thing. The girls are so cute! I love the one of mya squishing V - tough love.

  4. ohh my goodness could Mya get any cuter??? poor V she just got smashed in that photo! haha. i worked at the school today and just missed you. it's not the same without you there. i'm so happy for you and your new adventure! you're the best!


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