Soulmate: a. a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament and b. a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs

Usually when someone refers to a "soulmate," they are speaking of their significant other. Today, I am speaking of our best friends. I doubt you will remember how I wrote about them moving away last year, but I was left totally heartbroken when they left. There has never...and I mean never...been a day when I haven't thought of them or wished they lived closer. Our friends Rusty and Whitney have been with us from the beginning. Perhaps that is why we are soulmates. Rusty and Whit got married in June and we got married just two months later. We met while living in our first married housing complex. We found out we were pregnant five months before they did. We were basically inseparable until their sad departure. I remember feeling like someone had punched me in the gut when we drove away from their house the day they moved. While we talked about "staying in touch," I didn't really know if we would. Whit and I are not really phone people. Heck, we aren't really girly people so I didn't know our friendship would span the distance. But to my surprise it did. It got even stronger.

I really believe Rusty and Whit (and family of course) are our soulmates. They know and understand us to the very core. They can laugh with us until wee hours of the morning which happens all too often when we get together. We knew we had to see them one more time before moving to Illinois. So we planned it and got together right before we left. Our lives have changed so much since that first day we met. We both have had two little girls. We have changed jobs several times. But the things we have in common have never changed. I love them more than I can say and am so glad we are still close.

The Gang (notice Mya can never take a picture without making a fit)

Mya and Avey got along okay...they struggled when it came to one "rapunzel" dress.

We ate so many donuts. Delicious.

Avey Baby

Mya Moo

Little V

Andie Girl

A comparison (Andie and V are ten days apart. You would never believe it from this photo. Let's just say that my breastmilk is more like skim milk when Whit has straight cream.)

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  1. Janine your kids are BEAUTIFUL!! And I guess it helps that your take amazing pictures too, but really they are gorgeous!


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