What better way is there to feel American than going to a local county fair? Not many, I presume. We went to the Heart of Illinois Fair a couple of weeks ago and had so much fun with Mya. Normally Mya turns her nose up to rides because they frighten her, but somehow we convinced her to escape her normal nerves and try a few things. She fed animals, rode a camel and enjoyed many rides. All her little adventures cost us a pretty penny. Who knew fairs could be so expensive? We will definitely have to budget for this treat next year. She emptied our wallets within an hour. Amazing. But I was so proud of her for doing all that she did. I really want Mya to experience all that she can. I don't want her to fear or dislike what I do. So I try to show her a little of everything and keep my opinion out of it. Luckily, I love fairs. I love petting zoos and rides and fried food. I have a blast indulging in all that I would normally avoid.

I happen to love this picture of Mya on the camel. I just love her little face.


  1. we just went to our fair tonight... it was so typical but always fun. BTW, that dress Mya is wearing is SOOO cute.

  2. So cute. She looks JUST like Timmy in that top picture!

  3. Sorry that was me, not Dave (although can't you picture Dave saying just that!)


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