a longing

I long to be in this place. To be with people who really hug and kiss you as you ask for permission to enter their home. I long to sit at a table and eat delicious meat and have the most amazing conversations about life. I long to look out the cab window and see one country to my right and another to my left. I long to feel loved the way I know they loved and still love me.

Today and everyday I miss Argentina. I have decided that it will always have a piece of my heart. I went on my run this morning and felt completely nostalgic as I breathed in the crisp, morning air. The sun hadn't quite peeked his head through the cloudy night, and I was left thinking about everything and everyone I love in Argentina. I miss it more than I can say. It's funny how on the mission, one counts the days and the weeks, and it feels like the time will never end. However, I don't even know what the date is today. I know it's September and soon I will celebrate my five year anniversary of being home. I don't think there has ever been a day since I boarded that plane that I haven't missed something from Argentina.

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