our sweet pea's half birthday

Currently this little six-month old is squealing with delight from her crib. I never get her from her crib right away because it is usually the only time I hear her laugh without coaxing. Something inside that little cage cracks her up. Perhaps it is the fact that she knows I will come and get her, and she is just waiting for me to pop my head over the bars. Probably not.

V is six months old today. I can't believe how fast it has gone by. I think I say that every month. She truly is our little sweet pea. While we switched nicknames regularly with Mya, "Sweet Pea" has been a constant in V's life. She responds to it equally as much as her own name, which I am so glad we chose because it totally fits her. I doubt she is doing anything more or less than other six month olds, but here are the latest updates on her: she is close to sitting up on her own (she is just lazy about it), she would rather be on her stomach than on her back (she even sleeps on her tummy even though we lay her on her back), she LOVES food (and when I say love...I mean she has the potential to be really chubby really fast...so watch out), she needs a nap every two to two and a half hours or she basically shuts down and fusses, she enjoys being outside, she doesn't wince when Mya comes around anymore (in fact, Mya is the one person who can almost always make her smile), she doesn't laugh much which is a bummer (Mya was a laugher), she talks a lot, she is very dependent on her binky (and so am I), she still gets wrapped for naptime/bedtime, she scoots around everywhere and soon will be crawling (I bet she crawls before she sits), she loves her daddy (I really think 4:20 is her and my favorite time of everyday because Tim comes home), and she is my little friend.

I call Mya my special girl because she truly is special to me in every way; however, I believe V is my little friend because she seems to gravitate to me more than Mya does or ever has. Mya is very independent and always has been whereas V wants me to hold her a lot. Sometimes I get tired of holding her mostly because I feel like my back is going to give out, but I enjoy the time she wants to spend with me. I am not one of those moms that wants to freeze time because I know that life is what it is. People grow and age and that is part of life. I have mixed feelings about different stages of a baby/toddler's life. There are good and bad things about every stage, but I am trying to enjoy the moment before this little sweet pea is acting all grown up like her sister.

It's funny how a good situation can turn bad so quickly...

I am posting a comparison of our two girls at six months. A lot of people have opinions on whether our girls look alike or not. Sometimes my opinion switches daily or mid-day, but for the most part, I think they are very different. Mya was just so round everywhere and V has legs for days.

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  1. Love all the blogging, J! V is getting so big, and she looks VERY different from Mya to me. But that's just my opinion, obviously. She's darling.


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