I do: The best case ever of He said, She said

I have said it before and I will most definitely say it again, but I feel I must candidly state that my  relationship with Tim has been the most defining relationship I have ever had. Being married exposes all the bumps and kinks in one's personality. However, it also enhances the hidden beauties and talents that most people will never see or recognize. Although I know I will ultimately define who I become, Tim will play a great role in that shaping. He already has. I love Tim more now than I did on the day we wed. A million times more. This past week was incredibly difficult for me on a personal level as I dabbled my hand at being a single mom while visiting my parents. Note: I was not good at it. However, I felt calm the moment I picked Tim up from the airport. Having him with me erased all the frustrations I had been feeling and perfected the end of my Arizona trip.

We went to Arizona to see our great friend/brother/son/uncle, Kevin, get married. I don't know what to call him as he has played all those roles at one time or another in our relationship. We are so happy for him because we know what great husband and dad potential he has. Congrats Kevin! Your wedding day was amazing. Thank you for including us.

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