trick or sleep

Mya and I (mostly me) have looked forward to Halloween for weeks. In the past, I chose not to teach Mya about holidays until the day actually came to avoid making any unnecessary crafts or buying ridiculous trinkets. But this year, I had a change of heart. Mya and I painted little black bats and put Halloween stickers around the house. We attended two pre-Halloween parties and anxiously awaited the big day. Well, the big day arrived but not as expected. Mya's 102 temperature kept her from enjoying most of the holiday. While we did brave the cold weather, Mya stayed wrapped up in a blanket and in Tim's arms for most of the night. We did not make out with a lot of loot but were happy that she even attempted trick or treating. She fell asleep as we left the last house. She's pooped. We're pooped. It's going to be a long night.

On a personal note: Will you please spend the extra dollar and buy the good bag of candy? As a parent who will be eating most of the candy Mya received today...I will admit that I do not appreciate the cheap stuff. When I see it in the bucket, I just want to tell people to keep it because no one in our house will eat it. Yucky.


  1. Aww sorry she was sick!! Hope you guys are able to get some sleep!! My kids decided to play during naptime, and then take a short nap on the way to Danny's parents house, so they could then proceed to be grumpy. They did great trick or treating, Izzy's bucket got so full that she was dragging it on the ground, but she wouldn't let go of seriosuly she would scream if I tried to take it from her. Also, we got a ton of good candy, I'll bring you some tomorrow at preschool :)

  2. PS I'm totally in love with your bangs!! (Sorry Tim!)

  3. it is the worst when they are sick on a holiday. i have a hard time when the kids get to choose & they choose a sucker instead of the good stuff. when we got home from trick-or-treating we all chose 3 pieces of candy to eat. And michael chose 3 suckers (he's a chomper, not a licker). at least he's eating them ;)


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