You often hear that you will hurt less as you exercise more. This is mostly true. However, there are moments like tonight where your legs feel like they are filled with lead and that instead of human feet you have webbed feet. Every step feels awkward and clumsy. Every breath feels forced and painful. Every step makes you want to cry. So here is the real truth: Although you will feel better as you exercise more often, there will be moments where you feel like you have just begun again. And those days are discouraging.

Today was one of those days for me. I felt heavy the moment my shoes hit the pavement. I thought it would wear off as it normally does in the first mile, but it didn't. It continued with every burning step. I just kept telling myself to look up and find my road markers, and every time I would locate one, I would push myself to go a little farther. I did that until I thankfully ended on my street. My lungs were tight. My legs tighter. But my mind was clear and happy that I made it through this terrible running day.

So a note to all you friends who were motivated by my healthy post: take your time. Love your body and realize that you will always have an off day here or there. But don't give up or give in. Just keep looking for the next road marker.

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  1. That's kind of funny, that happened to you tonight, when we were sort of just talking about that today. Hope I didn't jinx you :) I know I have been commenting a lot lately on your posts, but they are just so real and genuine and I really appreciate them. I felt encouraged by your words in this post. So once again, Thank you :)


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