monday morning chatter

I's a terrible picture, but we'll just have to get over that. Last weekend I found out I have more woman in me than I had previously thought. I knew I could bake. Half of Peoria does too. But I didn't know I had it in me to do any other "crafty" project that required my hands. I have zero...and I mean zero...hand-eye coordination. I have never been talented in painting or sewing or creating anything that entails a sewing machine or a hot glue gun.

However, I did learn last weekend that I can crochet. I am slower than the average bear, but I enjoy how strategic the whole process is. And although I have to think a lot as I weave my little fingers in and around the soft yarn, my brain seems to fade away into a peaceful state. It is very therapeutic. We are headed to Chicago soon so I want to have two scarves made to hand out on the street. I can't guarentee they will be pretty scarves, but I know they will be warm. So here's to me and finding my inner woman.

I'm pretty exhausted today. I hope energy finds its way into my body soon otherwise my kids will have to be okay with cuddling and watching cartoons. Happy Monday!

a famous writer leaves her legend in mystery: Dorothy Gilman dies at 88
do you think teenagers are better behaved now than when you were younger: Today's Teens Better Behaved
i should really buy this sweater to wear when lounging around the house: Drop-shoulder cardigan
if you have a girl that is as girly as mine...she will love this: Paper dolls
these pretty little things are all my stomach wants lately: Perfect French Fries
in honor of her awesome superbowl show (i adore the song but don't love the video): Madonna-Like a Prayer


  1. What a sweet blog! I just learned how to crochet too! And I think I'm making a scarf the exact same color as yours :)

  2. I have tried so many times to teach myself to crochet! I think I'm just too impatient.

  3. There's something relaxing about doing something like this while watching a movie with a lovely cuppa. I do embroidery and find it really therapeutic. Rx

  4. How great! Crocheting is a great talent!
    Have a great Monday :)
    Amy x

  5. what a great idea to hand out a scarf!


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