oh wednesday.

oh wednesday.

i knew today was going to be crazy the moment i walked into the bathroom and found v brushing her teeth using toilet bowl water. awesome. i still can't figure out why she was so distraught when i took the now-trashed toothbrush away. you would've thought i cut off one of her feet. i tried telling her it could be worse but she wouldn't hear me. she was a force to be reckoned with.

it just got better when mya tried to pry elle's eyes open just because she "loved her" and wanted to "play with her." it didn't matter that i had spent thirty-five minutes bouncing her sad gassy body to sleep.

a nice break in the day came when the three of us (mya, v and i) shared a snack-sized oreo mcflury to celebrate the fact that we hadn't killed elle in her short two months of life. i honestly didn't know if we'd survive after the first week--having three girls is craaaazzzy. crazy i say.

the older girls napped and i cuddled my much too old baby. she fell asleep in my arms and felt tempted to poke her awake even though i had scolded mya earlier in the morning for doing the exact same thing. i opted not to and was so happy to watch her sleep. she is so peaceful when she sleeps. it's just a shame she doesn't sleep enough.

our evening consisted of rice krispie treat turkeys, homemade pizza, one very funny vampire squid daddy, bedtime cuddles and decision making.

i am at peace at the close of this day. it may be because i decided to continue staying at home full-time with my peanuts or it may be because my in-laws are coming tomorrow and i am so happy to see them. i love visitors. every time visitors leave i wonder how i survive on my own. i still don't have the answers but i really am so glad when people come into town.

until next week. see ya wednesday.

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