let clarity define you

i was driving yesterday and began singing along to this song. i've been humming along to this song for at least a year and never once stopped to think about the lyrics. until yesterday. the words hit me like a ton of bricks and i felt compelled to look up the lyrics when i arrived home. 

it is highly doubtful that rob thomas (or whoever wrote the song) was thinking about moms while penning the words, but this song is perfect for all moms who have ever felt stressed, overwhelmed, disappointed, etc. i am pretty sure that includes every mom i've ever known. so here you go moms...this one is for you. 

a few of the lyrics i love for those of you who just can't pay attention to them while singing along: 
"let it roll right off your shoulder.../
the hardest part is over.../
let clarity define you.../
our lives are made of these small hours.../
let it slide.../
let your troubles fall behind you.../
it's the heart that really matters in the end." 

my favorite line: "let clarity define you." heaven only knows i could always use a little more clarity in my life. and i would love it if that clarity could define me.

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