...last week...we looked a lot like this...

...and it got me thinking about last year and all my emotional roller coasters...and i think i have come to the root of some of my previous problems: the dang tv. i think we spent at least three hours of every morning last winter watching tv. freshly pregnant and extremely depleted by my lack of sleep, i hardly had enough energy to move from the couch to the kitchen and back. it was awful. i hated that tv. i hated every mickey mouse and handy manny episode, and i really despised the dang octonauts. 

this year, things have been different. the tv remains in the off position, and we are constantly busy playing with toys/dress-ups, painting, reading stories, being crazy and playing tag. the result: i am so much happier. it's amazing how much life the tube can suck from your body. it will not break us this year.


  1. I have noticed a difference too!!! We have been watching way too much netflix/movies. So this morning, they watched part of something while I got breakfast made and we haven't turned it back on since! Love the feeling. And the activities we have done around the house, and play with buttons. We threw in a little bit of Math with the buttons too. Nothing extreme, just simple stuff that they love!3c

  2. During the last few months of my pregnancy, I let Dorothy watch WAY too much t.v., because I was just so exhausted. And like you, I HATED it. I hated watching her stare at the box knowing that NOTHING was going on in her brain; hated that when we called her name, she didn't even flinch - she was GLUED to the set; and hated that I was too tired/lazy to think of anything else to do!

    But now that Winnie's come along, I'm trying to stop our t.v. viewing. I admit, I still use it as a crutch on days when I'm tired and Dorothy's cranky and Winnie is starving for constant feedings, but it is WAY less than it used to be, and on the days where the set remains off, I do feel SO much happier as a parent - it really DOES affect one's mood, and I'm sure both our sets of girls will be much happier without it! x


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