four months

My belle, as I often call her, is four months. I love when my kids reach four months because they are so much happier. She, like her sisters did at the same age, smiles all the time, coos incessantly and laughs with the sweetest belly laugh. I can now normally pinpoint the things that make her happy and mad, and I try with all my might to make her life as comfortable as possible even though that means I often have to shield her from her sisters' love more than they would prefer. They sure do love her. A lot. But they still haven't learned that their unique strength can and does hurt her. So I act as her personal bodyguard most of the day.

She holds her head up like a champ and stands in her daddy's hand without wincing. She reminds me of Mya in that respect. But she also has the calming influence of V. I am so curious to see who she is going to become because I see someone really great developing behind those bright, blue eyes. She still detests the carseat and screams 75% of the time we are in the car. Sadly, Tim and I are so used to her screaming that it doesn't even phase us at this point.

I can't wait for the coming months. Six months is quite possibly my favorite month of infancy so I am just biding my time until March rolls around. I love my baby girl and am so thrilled she decided to join our family when she did, even though it was and sometimes still is a little difficult. She brings her sisters together.

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