i'm really trying to break my old style. it's hard. i am such a plain cardigan and flats kind of girl. however, i like the pieces i am adding to my collection. i have to thank my brother for all the clothes he sends me and all the support he sends me each time i text him a picture of my outfits. 

and a plus...tim is really digging my new style. and i thought he couldn't keep his hands off me before. 

now, if i could only find the time to apply makeup everyday...i might be able to get him to call in sick.

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  1. Did u get your hair cut9 it looks fabulous. You are gorgeous and I love your outfits, I've been trying to turn around my warddrobe too, it'll have to wait until Dannys out or school, but little by little :-) ps I love your blog, and anxiously await your posts. I can relate to everything....ok 90-95% of what u write ;-)


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