Once upon a time, three men were huddled at work talking about everything and nothing...when the topic of conversation turned to marriage. 
The unmarried man asked, "So why did you get married?"

Another replied: "My wife gave me an ultimatum--either you marry me or I'm leaving you. So I married her." 

The third man sat in silence until the question was directed at him and he answered, "Because I was in love and I wanted to." 

That third man was my husband--thank goodness. About a month ago he came home reeling over this simple conversation he had with some co-workers. Surprised with his peer's answer, he asked me what I thought of it. To be frank, I was disgusted with the first answer. Why would a woman ever give a man an ultimatum like that and why would a man ever enter into commitment, such as marriage, just because the person he was seeing threatened to leave? It sounds like such a recipe for disaster. 

I've had a month to stew over this conversation. It still bothers me because sadly I know there are other people out there that got hitched over an ultimatum. 

With every passing day and year, I'm glad love guides my marriage. My marriage makes me so incredibly happy. 

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