on traveling alone with three peanuts

this evening i will find myself in unfamiliar territory. i will be flying alone with my lively brood to visit my family in arizona. i believe the process will take just over five hours. i feel a little anxious and a little nervous and only pray people on the airplane will be kind. it is the worst when people scowl at you the entire time. i am sure i won't have time to pay attention since i will be busy entertaining the girls, but inside...i am always conscious of my surroundings, good or bad.

this vacation is soooo needed. it has been a year and a half since i set foot on desert soil and well, i think it's about time my girls saw both their grandparents together and were reintroduced to their beloved great grandparents. it is sure to be a warm and bright visit.

wish me luck. i have enough books, snacks and puzzles to entertain a small country so hopefully things will work out fine.


  1. Good luck! If you have any spare time and want to get together I'd love to see you and your cute girls!


  3. Good luck! At least your travel buddies are ADORABLE!



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