to all the single moms/dads

bless all the single moms/dads out there. seriously...bless them. they will be in my prayers tonight.

i have been a single parent for most of the week, and it has been one exhausting week. even now as i nibble on my homemade cinnamon/apple/pecan oatmeal, i can feel a distinct pain radiating from my lower back up my spine into the nape of my neck. i ache in places i forgot i could ache.

tim has been occupied from sun up to way past sun down with a special conference for work so therefore i have had to saddle up and complete all the post-5pm duties alone. the good news: i did it and without complaint. last year i was a complete basket case when tim told me he would be gone all week. i vowed this year would be different, and i think it was.

all i know is my little peanuts really wear me out. i can't tell you how many times today i carried them (or the other girls i babysit) in both arms and on my back. or how many times i had to break up ridiculous fights. or how many minutes i had to listen to elle cry it out to get to sleep. or how many hugs i had to give for boo boos and bonkers. or how many tickle wars i felt i had to give mya before getting her to bed. i fell asleep reading her books two nights in a row only to be roused by her peeling my eyelids open with her uneven fingernails. ouch. as i write my left eye is closed and waiting for the right one to join it. i think it's time to call it a night. peace.

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