a necessary escape

Sometimes you just have to escape the daily humdrum of life and skip town for a few days. We've all been under a fair amount of stress over year...you know...with us still not knowing where we are moving in less than two months and all so we packed one large suitcase full of clothes, swimsuits and diapers and headed for a one-night getaway in Chicago. 

We love Chicago. If a city could hold my heart, mine would be locked up somewhere between the beach of Navy Pier and the Ghirardelli store off Miracle Mile. Everything about that city reminds me of Argentina. The sights, the smells and the shopping. Oh the shopping...don't get me started. We didn't shop this trip (unless you count a quick stop at the Disney store for the kids), but oh how I love to window shop. 

The girls couldn't get enough of our view. We were lucky enough to land a room on the top floor of a Marriott downtown. We really had a ball together as we swam in the hotel pool, ate delicious food and discovered new things at the children's museum on the pier. 

Until next time Chicago...


  1. That picture at the top is stunning of all your girls at the window. I love it. And I'm glad you got to "get away", that always is a way to refresh and keep plugging along. You'll have to pass on where you ate, it all looks so good!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love V's face in the pool!!!! Haha glad u got away. We need to get together before u move. I miss u!!!


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