Meet Blue

 {above: right after we got him}

{now: a few weeks later}

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our family: Blue. We picked him up at a Mennonite farm close to the Canadian border just before moving to California. We weren't allowed to have a dog at our last rental and decided it was time to look for a place that allowed dogs once we heard the news that we were moving to CA. 

Most of the time I love having a dog. Blue's teeth are razor sharp and have punctured a few tender areas on my wrists and ankles, but he is such a good and patient puppy that I don't have room to complain. The girls adore him (except when he bites at their princess dresses or pantiless bottoms), and Tim finally has his boy. He loves this dog and all his fluffy hair more than I thought anyone could love a dog. I'm still getting there. 

The hardest thing about having a dog right now is that it just adds another thing to worry about on my plate. I'm adjusting well to him and his schedule, but I have my moments. People already told me I had my hands full with three young can only imagine what they say to me when they see me with a dog. They think I'm out of my freaking mind. And I partly am...but only you and I know that. 

Welcome home Blue!

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  1. Is he a goldendoodle? He looks a lot like our little guy..


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