the beach

It is safe to say that every member of our family--even the dog--loves the beach. We took Blue to the nearest dog beach on Sunday and let him run wild. I'm pretty sure he'd live at the beach if actually knew how to catch food. Sometimes I think he is more of a person than a dog. 

dress: weston wear {similar here}

a note about caring for three young kids and a puppy: think twice. seriously, think twice. there are very few days that i love blue. i am sure that i will love him in a year or two when puppyhood starts to fade, but at the moment, he makes life difficult. he is currently tim's dog because i feel indifferent to him. i feed him, walk him and brush him as needed, but he is not mine. he knows it too. that kinda makes me sad, but honestly, my girls come first. 

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