the celebration

I started and ended the day singing her "Happy Birthday." Truthfully, it was one really happy birthday for both of us (even though it wasn't my birthday), but I was just so happy that we survived the last year. I remember the day I brought her home for the hospital and how overwhelming everything felt that day. It felt that way for some time. Soon...things began to shake out and we found our groove, but I do think it is amazing that I have kept her alive and relatively unharmed for 365 days. Her sisters can be brutal, you know? 

Alas, it's nearly over. And it's probably a good thing too. We experienced far too many tears today. Everyone seemed off kilter, especially Mya. She missed the birthday celebration because she decided to throw a fit. No surprise there, she's does it every time we pay any attention to anyone but her. The picture of her on the stairs still irritates me. Oh that child. Seriously. She finally came around, but it was too late. She ate her cupcake alone. 

Elle didn't seem to mind Mya's tantrum. She just kept eating her cupcake until there wasn't anything left to eat. 


  1. Happy birthday to Miss Elle; the girl with the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. And good for you Janine, for keeping her alive for all these days. :) Now having three kids, I know that is no small feat. Miss you guys.

  2. Happy Birthday Elle! Such a darling girl!


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