to decorate or not to decorate.

I actually considered not decorating for Christmas this year. It doesn't feel like Christmas; it feels like September. Aside from the warmer temperature outside, I didn't know if it was possible to fit a tree into this tight space we call home, and I was really afraid that Blue would eat the tree if we did happen smash it into the corner. 

Tim convinced me to put a few things up for the girls so last week we went out to find a small tree that could rest on our side table. We found the perfect little tree. It was just their size. They were so excited. 

(I won't even begin to tell you about the drama that occurred before getting to the tree lot. It involved lots of tears, a few snarky quips, lots of glaring stares, an unreasonable 5 year old, a stubborn mommy, and one peacemaking 2 year old.)

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