just a few random things...because would you expect anything less?

--People in Texas have some sort of strange addiction to Sonic (and Whataburger). They are everywhere, and if you ever tell someone you need a drink they point you in the direction of the nearest Sonic. I must say Sonic falls way short these days. My favorite lemon-berry slush is lacking a bit.
--While I'm talking about food (don't I always talk about food), I should also mention that donuts in Texas are a let down. They are small and lack the quality I love. I'm still on my quest to find a decent donut place in town. Wish me luck...my thighs will thank you. ;)
--A woman asked me what I was looking forward to about living in Sherman, Texas. I looked at her quizzically before answering, "Is there something to look forward to? I was unaware." The conversation stumbled a bit after that.
--We bought a house, and I think I was more scared to do that than I was to marry Tim. Is that possible? Now my mind is flooded with thoughts of what to do if something ever happens to Tim because that is a scary thought.
--I just stuck my kids in timeout in the same room because they have been fighting all morning, and no amount of pleading with them was helping. I told them they could come out when they decided to get along. I heard nothing for about 20 minutes, but they recently started giggling so I think they must've made up and decided to be friends. I am going to stick with this method from here on out. Mya's teacher last year actually suggested it to me, but for some reason, I hadn't tried it until today. Mrs. Walters, you're a genius. Thank you for having adult children and divulging your motherly wisdom to us learning mothers.
--We might survive the summer because we just found a splash pad and snow cone stand. But as my friend Whitney asked, does summer ever really end in Texas? Good question. One can hope.
--We're taking a flight to Milwaukee soon, and all these plane crashes are scaring the poop out of me. Not to mention that last night Tim selected the Liam Neeson flick about men hijacking an airplane. I sweat through my underwear after watching that. Liam Neeson is a joke of an action hero, but for some reason his voice just gets me so we keep going back for more. Embarrassing? Yes.
--We were nearly evicted this week. In fact, we're still in limbo as to what the heck is happening. I received a phone call on Monday around lunch time from the front office telling me that we had three options: 1. We could move downstairs to another apartment within 24-48 hours. 2. We could move downstairs to a different building at the end of July. 3. Or we could just leave the complex. Apparently my neighbor referred to my children as horses and claims she can't sleep and her daughter can't hear the television because my children are the most unruly children she has ever seen. But apparently she made sure to mention what nice people we were over and over again. Relevant, no, especially when she has never actually spoken with us. The only time we knew she had a problem with us was when she banged her broom on her kitchen ceiling. It only happened a few times, but the few times it happened we made sure to remove the kids from the apartment and leave. You can only imagine my disgust at the phone call, and you can only imagine my response. Tim and I have since decided that all problem calls should be directed to him because I have no problem letting my claws come out.
--I met a man who has stolen my heart. His name is Tom, and he reminds me of my grandpa. He walks his dog at the same park I take my girls to in the morning. He usually speeds up his pace and I slow mine down so we can walk together for a bit. His crooked teeth make me smile. And his real name is August, which was top of my boy list if we ever had a boy. Fate...I don't think so.

Life is hot and sticky and little bit of a struggle these days. We were asked to stay out of our apartment in the morning (I'm obviously disobeying the request today) so we are always searching for something to do. Hopefully, things calm down a bit once school is in and we're in our house. We're all counting down the days over here.


  1. Shipley's donuts. For real.

  2. I just caught up on your blog after weeks away from the blogging world. I'm sorry Texas isn't well... much of anything for you, I'm sorry you've had some rough cramped sweaty days and I know you are pregnant through all of this. You are a strong woman to keep moving, adjusting and raising great kids through all this.


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