today, but not tomorrow.

Today was one of those days I'd like to discard just as I do the ends of every bread loaf. I'd like to toss it away into the garbage without giving it a passing thought, and I probably will just as soon as I can lay my head down on the only comfortable thing I own right now: my pillow.

Today there were too many tears, tantrums, bloody lips, screams, whines, messes, disagreements, slamming doors, burning smells, wrong directions, small errands...the list really could go on forever and ever. I was done with my kids before 11am, which is never a good sign, especially when there is no escape in a small apartment. No matter where I turned a sticky, messy face stared into my too tired one. At one point, I had the kids build a tent just so they could sit under it and I wouldn't have to see them for a few minutes. It lasted about 40 seconds.

Tomorrow there will be a library visit that I hope goes better than last week. We were kicked out because Elle threw a nasty fit over a book Genevieve had already picked out (and we subsequently checked out), and no matter how hard I tried she couldn't be reasoned with. V also added to the request to leave because she wouldn't stop running up and down the book aisles. I'm crossing my fingers for a better attempt because I can't read the same 5 books over and over again.

Tomorrow there will also be a fresh batch of brownies made in the afternoon, and perhaps a cool smoothie to calm hot bodies in the heat. Tomorrow I'm not going to allow as many tears and tantrums, and I will not accept another bloody lip, which came as a result of not listening to mama. I plan to sit the kids down and threaten the heck out of them so they understand the importance of listening. I know it will only last ten minutes, but's worth the try. Tomorrow will be better day. At least that's my silent mantra.

Tomorrow has to be better.

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  1. Oh, were we in the same house and I just didn't get to see you??? Man I wish that were the case! Today has to be better. I keep telling myself that too. I will say prayers that your day will be better for you, and you will find some relief. Love and miss u friend.


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