For some odd reason, Mya begged me all summer to play soccer. She once told me, "Mom, it's my dream." Really is your dream? Do you know what soccer is? Do realize it's a team sport, and you are not exactly what one would call a team player? Those were the thoughts that ran through my head every time she begged, but I found a fairly inexpensive league and figured there wasn't any harm in at least trying.

She had her first practice last night and according to Tim, she's a natural. Mya is blessed with Tim's athleticism and natural ability to excel at any and every sport. She couldn't stop talking about it this morning so I'm thinking she may have a new love in her life. It's a love I don't understand, mostly because I am not a soccer lover, but I know I'll enjoy watching her kick the ball around with girls her age.

(Look at that concentration)


  1. this is great! I think all kids should join a soccer team... it teaches playing as part of a team and it wears them out really good. She LOOKS lke a natural, she could go far with this!


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