These people of mine.

It feels strange to be so silent on this personal sphere of mine. I have several unpublished drafts waiting to be polished or corrected. They will wait forever and remain hidden. I guess so it is with life sometimes. 

Someone recently asked me how things were going outside of my family life, and as I stopped to think of a response, I realized I don't currently have "an outside" to family life. That man and those girls of mine have been all consuming this summer. We have rarely parted from each other, and normally that sort of thing really ain't my gig, but I decided to roll with it this summer and see where it took me. Now here I sit at the close of summer. The girls start school in less than a week, and everyone (except maybe Elle) is excited about it. I didn't let this summer suffocate me even though Texas has tried to kill me with its swampy air. I tried to teach my girls all that I could in the few short months I had them all to myself, and we will see if that was to their detriment or not in coming months. ;) One cannot be around me too long without picking up a few bad habits. 

These people of mine mean the world to me. Each one of them. I have told Tim time and time again that if something ever were to happen to me and I wasn't able to say a final few words that I hope he will tell my girls how much their lives have meant and continue to mean to me. They are my constant teachers and my forever friends. It has been and will continue to be an honor to serve them even when it is so damn hard that I find myself hitting my pillow saying a few choice words to no one but myself. My husband is the person in my life that I so admire and wish to be like. I may complete most of the chores and keep food in the fridge and on the table, but he...he is the one who makes us all smile and remember why we love being a family. He is our everything.  

It never ceases to amaze me that nearly seven short years ago I made a decision that will span all of time. A decision that allowed these beautiful souls to come into our lives. A decision that has made all the difference in my life. 

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