some odd facts i thought i'd jot down while i wait for the delivery man

(I visited Mya at school on her birthday. I wish you could've seen her face.)

First, delivery people are always late. Even when they call to give a ten-minute heads-up, they are still late. I've been waiting for 25 minutes even though the lady called and said she was just around the corner and would be here any minute. Wrong.

Second, buying a house and doing all that is required to make it functional is a lot of work. Tim and I have successfully emptied all the boxes, but now we are left with piles of stuff everywhere that we vowed to "sort through tomorrow." I think it's been way too many tomorrows. But it's safe to say that my energy is lacking now that I am in my final weeks of pregnancy. I probably should've asked for more help, but you know me...always the over achiever. I'd like to say we'll get it done on the weekends, but our weekends are so packed with driving to and from soccer, Target, Home Depot, whatever festival is in town, etc. that we seem to get less done on the weekends than we do on week nights.

Okay, enough babbling. Oh wait...I always babble. Here are some fun facts about me that I thought I'd record just for the heck of things while I wait.

1. I like to shower in the dark.
2. I prefer to brush my teeth with hot water.

--Pause...the delivery people just arrived. Can you believe it?!--

3. I don't have a favorite color. My kids are always asking me what my favorite color is, but I just don't have one. I guess my most preferred color is black because as Tim says, "It matches the color of my soul." ;)
4. I always get nervous around birds. I hate when they fly over my head, and I despise it when I find one perched on my car, waiting to scare me after a quick trip to the store. And Texas has some ugly birds. Seriously.
5. My favorite DQ blizzard mix is vanilla with strawberries and bananas. They do it right every time. My favorite McFlurry is Oreo (duh). My favorite Cold Stone mix is sweet cream with brownies and strawberries (this one has been a favorite for nearly 13 years). My favorite store bought ice cream is Rocky Road. Maybe I should eat some ice cream...
6. I don't like to chew gum. I'll pop it in for about 5 minutes and discard it before any of my children notice. My kids are gum freaks! Thanks Tim.
7. I like to consider myself a minimalist, and then I look at my closet and shoe collection and realize that isn't exactly true. But I am definitely a less is more kinda gal when it comes to furniture and decorations.
8. I don't like artificial light. I prefer sunlight to anything else and find myself constantly turning lights off when my kids are around. Why do kids like to turn on so many lights?
9. I find myself teaching my kids lessons my parents taught us about conserving water and paper when it comes to bathroom visits. Living in Argentina really did something to my brain, and I don't like to waste things.
10. It took me exactly ten years to locate my favorite portrait of Christ. It is one of the many gifts my dear friend Ashley from San Diego gave to me before I left. It's called Christ's eyes.
11. I don't like dogs. I have good days and bad days with my own dog, but for the most part we have an understanding. Other than him, I prefer not to see or hear any dogs, especially the four dogs who howl all day long behind our house.
12. I wish I could paint. I wish I had most artistic talents.
13. I'm about to cut my own hair because it's driving me crazy!
14. I love to tickle Tim and the girls, but I absolutely detest being tickled.
15. The hardest part of sending mail is getting it to the mailbox. I'll write letters and address envelopes for days, but I can't seem to walk the 20 necessary feet to get it to the mailbox.
16. Speaking of mail, I love forming a relationship with the mail people. I figure if they like me enough, they'll likely be kinder to my packages and special letters. I had heard some nasty things about the mailman in my neighborhood but chose not to believe them, and you know mailman likes me. He's always offering Blue treats and walking my mail to me if I'm outside.
17. My kids think they can push the baby out by jumping directly on my stomach. It is painful, but they love to do it.
18. I have a hard time not playing favorites with the girls. The good thing is that they are all my favorites at different moments of the day. Elle usually gets the morning slot. V gets the afternoon hours, and Mya easily has the just before bed moments.
19. I find myself checking Tim out all the time because he is just the most handsome man to me.
20. I love listening to piano music during the day. It calms me.

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