a post about pregnancy and kindness

Whenever I think about my pregnancies, the first thing I remember is the music I listened to the most during the nine months. I hardly think of my food cravings/aversions because to be quite honest, they've generally stayed the same for all my pregnancies, whereas my music taste has changed with each child. With Mya, I couldn't get enough Bob Marley and Colbie Caillat. With Genevieve, it was Lady Antebellum and Nickelcreek. With Elle, I listened to Spanish music, especially Axel. And with this baby girl, I have divided my time equally between piano music, Gary Allen, the Dixie Chicks and Garth Brooks (I blame the country influence on Texas).

I'd create a birth playlist for the baby except Tim gets nauseated at the sound of country music. Did you know that? It's mildly ridiculous but absolutely true. If he listens to more than a few songs, he starts feeling queasy and has to turn the station. I'm used to it so I listen to country when he's not around. I thought Mya was going to be like him because one day when we were still living in San Diego and I was driving her to school, I turned on a country station and Mya quickly shot up in her booster chair, "Ack, mom...what is this? It's hurting my ears!" I turned and told her not to be so dramatic, but she protested until I changed the station, claiming the music was going to damage her ears somehow. Blah, blah, blah. But I think Texas and all the y'alls she hears at school have softened her to country music because she hasn't made a peep about it in months, and it's generally what I listen to when Tim isn't around because heaven help me...I don't need him vomiting in the middle of Garth Brooks.

This post was supposed to be about me being 39 weeks, but apparently my brain doesn't want to write about that. Oops. What can I say about still being pregnant? Well, there's not much to say. With the exception of last week's trip to the hospital to cure the terrible stomach flu and dehydration, my constant insomnia, and the pinched nerve pain in my legs and bum, I am doing just fine. I'm just anxious, and I'll be honest, I'm looking for my 2-day hospital stay because I love how quiet the hospital is after a baby is born.

I also feel so much gratitude for the people of Texas. They have been so kind and generous to me and the baby. I just had my third baby shower today, and I feel like this baby is set for at least the next few months when it comes to diapers and wipes and frilly girls clothes. Texans love ruffles and bows. ;) Tim's work group threw me the shower today, and most of his co-workers had only met me once. Their kindness blew me away. My church group threw me a shower last night, and it was so thoughtful and sweet to be around women who really wanted to celebrate a new life. And my neighborhood threw me a diaper shower a few weeks back without even knowing me. Isn't that amazing?! I'm telling you...I feel so much love for these people, most of whom are still strangers to me. I really do feel prepared now and hope this little girl realizes how blessed she already is.

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