the moments after delivery

 I honestly thought my heart would burst watching the doctors and nurses work with her. She was only a few feet away, but I wanted her to be with me so badly. I'm so glad Tim caught my face, even if it's a little sappy and teary-eyed. 

The moments following the delivery of a child are sacred. Rarely are words expressed. Words would disrupt the peace permeating the room. Oh how I love the precious moments after birth. My heart and eyes swell with love for my husband and for my baby.

I have loved Felicity from the moment I bought the pregnancy test in secret at Target. I loved her through the endless nausea and heartburn, and I loved her through the sleepless nights. But nothing could've prepared me for how my heart would instantly open and make more room for her. She is just as her name would have you believe--she is my happiness. I love her completely, and I am so glad I had those first few minutes alone with her.

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