Finding our tree

This year we opted to visit a local tree farm for our Christmas tree. Since we started buying live Christmas trees each holiday season, I've generally found my perfect tree in the noble fir section. I like my tree full, but not too full. There weren't any noble firs at the local farm so I gave up my preferred taste just to watch my girls circle around and around the tree farm locating their "perfect" tree. We walked around for awhile before Tim helped the girls realize that the tree we eventually cut down was the perfect tree. Girls can be so indecisive, even at young ages so it took a little persuasion. Tim cut it down himself, and the girls loved the experience.

Every time I look at our tree I just smile--she isn't my love, but she is awkwardly beautiful. The girls decorated the tree so many of the branches are overloaded with ornaments and are hanging down, but it all adds to the magic. This tree is theirs, and they know it.

**My girls quickly learned that throwing hay up in the air is way itchier than throwing leaves. You can only imagine the whining on the way to the car. I'm pretty sure they both drove home in their panties. ;)

 **I miss the midwest every year in the fall. I've never seen red, yellow and orange the way I saw it in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. I was so excited to see another color other than brown as we were leaving the tree farm. Excuse my ugly feet--Tim really dislikes them. 

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  1. There is something very wrong cutting down a Christmas tree in shorts!!!! :) miss u guys!


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