Seven cups of flour created a fake winter wonderland in my kitchen. Mya kept telling me how bored she knew she'd be during Christmas break, and I was determined to prove her otherwise. We were unable to continue our flour=fake snow tradition in San Diego because we lived in such a cramp space, but I revived it this year and learned a lot about what to do and not to do next year. ;) (For example,  pull the blinds up, lift the light fixture up, have a broom and bath ready, have a basket ready for flour-stained clothes, give a few more rules about not dumping flour directly into your sister's hair, etc.)

I will be really honest with you--this activity makes my heart stop. I am definitely a house of order kind of girl so this kind of thing really throws me, but my kids love it so I put my crazy need to be in control aside for an hour and let them enjoy a little fake land of snow. My kids went crazy when I told them to begin. I blame most of the crazy behavior on Frozen. That dang movie has found its way into nearly everyone of our activities these days. Mya and V pretended to blast snow and ice crystals at each other while Elle basically dumped handful after handful of flour in her hair. In the end, it only took 2 hours to sweep and mop and 3 days to completely remove the flour from the girls hair. I call it a success!

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