her first dance.

Mya went to her first dance last Friday. I don't recall having a father-daughter dance growing up so I was pretty excited for her to have this experience. As I curled her hair and reminded her how to put on makeup, I saw a glimpse of what my life will be like in ten years, except I'm afraid it will be strange boys knocking on our door and not her daddy. Oh how I wish she could always just be excited about dating her dad! 

Before they left, I sent Tim outside with flowers so he could knock on the door to pick her up. I explained to Mya that she should never go out with a boy if he isn't willing to properly pick her up at the door. I told her how special her dad had always made me feel while we were dating, and I told her that she should always find boys to date that would make her feel beautiful and smart. She promised she would so I'm going to hold her to it. 

I wish you could've seen her excited face when she saw Tim holding pink and purple carnations tied together with a fuchsia bow. On her way home, she told Tim, "That was the best date of my life. The only thing that would've made it better is if mom could've come." My heart smiled when Tim told me that after he tucked her into bed that night. Sometimes parenting is just about the best thing in the world. 

(I cannot begin to explain how excited she was to apply and wear lipstick that night. She might be a little obsessed now.)

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  1. Well, those are just about the best pictures I've ever seen.


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