I never want to miss the special moments

This morning I cradled Birdie in my left arm while she nursed, and as she nursed, I watched Mya applying bright red lipstick as she sat on my bathroom counter. Later, I found myself nursing Birdie again, and I watched Genevieve as she attempted to try on my bra. She smiled curiously, and she giggled when she caught me peering over the bed at her. My girls, even and maybe especially Birdie, are growing up before my eyes.

I often feel like I blink and two or four months have passed, and I am left wondering how my baby girl knows more about makeup application than I do or how my four year old suddenly understands the concept of putting letters together to form words or how my two year old knows more lyrics to Taylor Swift songs than I do. It's as if time is playing a constant joke on me. It teases me and warns me not to close my eyes for too long because I might miss something special. 

I never want to miss the special moments, and I am grateful to be in a position where I am able to stay home and be present with my girls as they change with age. Each year brings new challenges, but it also rewards me with more wisdom and understanding.

I am grateful to be a mom. 

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