At thirty two.

At thirty two: 

I feel much more comfortable in my skin than I did in my twenties.
I go natural more days than I wear makeup.
My favorite colors are black, white, tan and gold. 
I'm trying to become an optimist; it's harder than I thought.
My husband is my best friend.
I have 8 close friends; they live in UT, MA, AZ, OR, TX, CO, CA and IL.
I still call my parents on my hardest days because they listen.
The biggest lesson I learned last year is not to force people into roles they weren't supposed to fill.
I still want a tattoo. 
I wish I had more time to read actual books. 
I'm perplexed by how quickly social media takes over my free time.
I love watching my girls apply makeup.
I can run a 6:55 min/mile for 2 miles. It goes to 7:10 min/mile after that. 
I'm still scared of all dogs that aren't my own.
I don't always love other people's children.
I have an itch to go camping, but I'm terrified of getting killed. See Jim Gaffigan.
I want braces, but I doubt I ever get them.
My favorite romantic movie is About Time; I've watched it at least 7 times this year.
My ears are my least favorite feature; my eyes are still my favorite.
Today I wished I was still a teacher. 
I've been wanting to try on my wedding dress just for the fun of it.
I'm super shy about selfies; they make me feel really awkward.

At thirty two, I am at peace with myself. I'm living a life that I never dreamed of, and I'm happy with it. I may not be able to write and read liberally, but everyday, I help my girls with their writing and reading, and I see progress. Mya has read more than 10 chapter books this summer (with my help every once and awhile). She knows to use proper intonation as she reads, and she already knows punctuation marks. I am a total English teacher. We do a lot of reading comprehension with the girls, and I really think they love learning because we make it fun. 

Today, Mya and I had fun playing with the camera. She likes photography so I taught her a few rules about light and staging today, and I acted as her model as she snapped away. I was pretty impressed with 30% of the shots she got. Here are some outtakes: 


Mya told me she thought I'd be prettier with makeup so I threw some on for her.


  1. Love it. I've always enjoyed your ability to be so candid about life. You are a great role model for your girls.

  2. Love it. I've always enjoyed your ability to be so candid about life. You are a great role model for your girls.

  3. Mya did a fantastic job, these are beautiful. I'm glad you are so comfortable at 32, I can tell in the few times we've communicated that you seem so much more content. You run incredibly fast! Wow, I wish we could run together. I need motivation right now, I've never felt so out of place with my running self than I do now. I want braces (again) too, I hear ya. Also, I kind of wished I saw a WI in your friends list but I don't really deserve it, I'll try not to take it personal ;). I've been really rotten at keeping in touch regularly and also remembering to tell my dearest friends happy birthday on their birthday (sorry about that). But I'm glad it was good. Love you!


"Be kind and considerate with your criticism... It's just as hard to write a bad book as it is to write a good book." Malcolm Cowley