I'm thinking about change tonight.
What is it about change that scares people?
Is it because change usually means something is going to be different?
It it because change forces people to become something unfamiliar?
Is it because change stretches the way we think, act, love?
What is it about change?
Why is it hard for us to watch people change, especially if they change in a way we don't agree with?
Why can't we let people be who they are going to be, even if it means our lives in turn will change too?

Whenever I speak with people about change, they often refer to change as either a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes, I wish we could just refer to change as just what it is, it's becoming something different. And in my mind, different is unique. It stands out. It takes a singular path away from the crowded masses. It is not easy to change. It is not easy to stand out or take that precarious path. I am an advocate of change, even if it isn't always easy to do or watch someone else do.

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