Mya's Star Wars birthday

So when Mya asked for a Star Wars themed party for her 7th birthday I really didn't think it would be that hard so together we made a few plans and games to entertain her guests. I thought the party was going to be rather low key, but I completely underestimated the internet, and the party turned out to be a larger undertaking than I could've ever imagined, but luckily, my best friend flew in town to be with me, and she was a great help in party preparations and follow through. Hooray for best friends!

And hooray for 7 year olds! Because I'll be honest, I doubt they would've cared if we did anything but light saber wars in the backyard. We played fight the storm troopers (we decorated white balloons to look like storm trooper heads and hung them around the garage), competed in light saber wars after Jedi training, pinned the bun on Princess Leia, and carved pumpkins. The two hours went by so fast (and thank goodness because the last thing I wanted was a handful of 7 year olds staring at me). Mya was so happy. She still won't let us take down the decorations. There are about a million pictures in this post, but I wanted to smash it into one post. Scroll down if you dare


  1. Uh Janine, this is AMAZING!! You eve made them costumes?! Wow girl.

  2. so impressed! way to go. can't believe she is 7.


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