Homeless kits

Before Christmas, we had a fun family night creating homeless kits. The girls have a soft spot in their hearts for the homeless because I have tried to instill it in them all their lives. I don't believe in passing judgment, especially when we don't what other people have been through. And truth be told, I have done a lot of research on the homeless and have found that a great majority of homeless people were children who passed through the system and then were dumped into a cruel world with very little skills and help. It is heart breaking. Regardless of the circumstances, I believe people who ask for money or food (for the most part) would not do it if they had another option. The girls wanted to make something they could pass out to people on the streets. Our kits included a washcloth, wipes, a pair of socks, bottles of water, bags of pretzels, applesauce, tuna, deodorant, and a toothbrush and toothpaste. We continue to pass them out as we find people. It's really making the girls go outside their comfort zone because although they were excited to make the kits, it is very hard for them to talk to strangers, but they're doing it. Genevieve and Elle gave one to a man today after leaving a movie with Tim. The man gave them a huge hug. We can make a difference; I believe it. 

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