my chef

All Thanksgiving weekend she was glued to me in the kitchen. "Mama, can I help you? Can I add the sugar/flour/salt/nuts/chocolate chips? I wuv to help you." She poured ingredients, cracked the eggs, whipped the different batters and licked her little fingers every step of the way (except not after the eggs because that's just gross).

Elle makes cooking take double the time, but she loves being in the kitchen. Like LOVES being near me when I am doing anything in the kitchen, even loading the dishwasher. My other girls enjoy making cookie dough or sweet treats, but they haven't really shown an interest in cooking yet. So in an effort to help her develop her talents, I allow her to stand on her "daddy's" chair and help me do 90% of my kitchen jobs, even if it takes an extra 20-30 minutes. I figure time is just time, and even if it is a test of patience in the moment, the time we spend together is always well spent.

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